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フードビジネスコンサルタント 石田義昭(いしだよしあき)
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  • 日経レストラン経営診断コーナー『新・悩み解決クリニック』担当
  • 商工会議所セミナー講師
  • ガーソン・レーマン・グループ 公認コンサルタント
  • ズームイン朝(日本テレビ)出演
  • 貧乏脱出大作戦企画(テレビ東京)出演
  • スーパーTV情報最前線(日本テレビ)出演
  • 外食用語辞典・はじめての自宅レストラン監修

Food business consultant    Yoshiaki Ishida .FBA, Ltd. 
Representative director


Management consultant history 30 years.

Management support is offered on a scale of the Japan whole country on the theme of the production of a matchless restaurant. It is carried out in Japan nationwide management support the theme of restaurant development invincible.

The theoretical system of the “restaurant management and customer guidance”,

the tactic guidance specific to appeal to the psychology of the customer.

There are well-established. To large store from a small store of 3-5 square meters, guidance number of shops directly more than 1,500 shops, and it has produced a large number of many super-prosperity stores, multi-store deployment companies, etc., out of an adviser store. Many adviser stores which receive ten years or more of instruction are the proof of it reliance. Beside the instruction (Shops and Chain store), provides seminar sponsored by publisher, restaurant ?related company, and restaurant employees. Also actively writing to the media. As a track record, deals also with producing of large-scale commercial establishment such as Commercial facility Universal City Walk in Osaka which is adjacent to the USJ”Fushinraishin”, the TOKYO DOME Lacour eating-and-drinking institution, and the Oarai resort outlet eating-and-drinking institution.

It appears also on the Nikkei BP manufacture video “law of hit menu” upper, and a bottom volume. Proposed to each enterprise customer satisfaction through service “service art invincible,” “service of healing” and “Great customer service up a notch” in recent years, , the performance is greater in recent year.


The main customer service seminar content:

"Good customer service seminar" (DUNHILL Presents)
Point of service 50 invincible "(published in Gourmet Navigator communication)
“Sales up service seminar right now” etc.


  • Nikkei restaurant management diagnosis corner “New・ Brain unresolved clinic" in charge
  • Chamber of Commerce seminar lecturer
  • Gerson Lehrman Group Certified Consultant
  • Zoom in morning (NTV) Starring
  • Escape poverty Battle of planning (TV Tokyo) appearase
  • Super TV information forefront (NTV) Starring
  • Home restaurants supervision for the first time eating out Glossary
  • Eating out Glossary・Home restaurants supervision for the first time